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Pedal powered trucks doing pickup and delivery

By George Harvey , staff

Bob Nesson’s Power to the Pedals is a thirty-minute documentary video that functions on many levels. Each of them has its own merits and its own power.

It is an inspirational the story about Wenzday Jane, a young woman who grew up in poverty in Boston. As a child, her parents collected bottles and cans to get money, and she was teased because of it. Later, she had very different learning moments, including one she calls an epiphany. It came because she learned how to weld. She suddenly realized that she could take two pieces of metal and unite them to form a single object of her own design. Eventually, this led to building pedal-powered trucks and a business called Metro Pedal Power. Now she employs a number of other people, using pedal-powered trucks to provide pickup, delivery, and other services.

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“…An emotionally charged and inspiring film. Wenzday’s story is extraordinary and highly motivating.”

Marion Stoddart
Environmental Pioneer
United Nations Global 500 Environmental Program Laureate
Groton, MA


“Your film is really great, inspiring and powerful, because it creates a close perspective of the inspiring story of MetroPed and Wenzday Jane – it’s incredible all of the ways that MetroPed is enacting the new economy, by just doing it – kind of kick-starting this action in all of us. Anyway, we’re excited to be able to work with you on this!”

David Branigan
International Programs Director
Bikes Not Bombs
Jamaica Plain, MA