Wenzday Jane

wenzday_janeWenzday is an urban native from Boston, MA. Her background is in mechanics and metal fabrication, with a passion for understanding how things work. For the past six years, she has been fully engaged in building her company, Metro Pedal Power, exploring opportunities to replace trucks and vans with bikes and pedal-powered vehicles in the congested areas of the city.

She came from a heritage of poverty. Growing up in a low-income housing project, she watched her family and neighbors struggle with issues of dependence, disempowerment, and inertia. She has been working hard her whole life to pull herself out from under the weight of these inherited issues. Through this personal process, she has become increasingly interested in community and societal strategies for fostering self-reliance, in the context of an interdependent world.

To her the bicycle is a vehicle of freedom, of self-reliance, and empowerment. Riding a bike helped her realize that she had control over her own path. She had the profound realization that it was her own power taking her where she needed to go.